ABC's for Seniors: Successful Aging Wisdom from an Outrageous Gerontologist by Ruth Harriet Jacobs, Ph.D.
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Are you aging outrageously and courageously? In ABC's for Seniors, Dr. Ruth Jacobs presents the essentials that enable a reader to harvest life fully for creative, healthy, successful, vigorous, and meaningful aging. Topics covered include reverse birthday gifts, continuing education, safe driving renewal, moving your home, councils on aging, good accumulating, love and sex, bereavement and the holidays, volunteering, journaling, and much more.

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"Ruth is a master at turning her own experiences and those of others into lessons we can all learn and, not least, enjoy. So enjoy and learn and identify with the wit and wisdom of this creative genius."- Barbara Vinick, Ph.D. Research Sociologist at the Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston University

"This is a great, fun, readable book that makes very literate observations about the joys of being a senior." - Connie Stevens, Award-winning singer, television, and film legend

"Dr. Jacobs continued celebration of aging, her practical advice and suggestions, her humor, and her wide-ranging interests are, as always, a delight. She herself is a fine testimonial to the value of courageous, outrageous aging." - Ann Gerike, PhD, author of Old is Not a Four-Letter Word: A Midlife Guide






Publication date: September 2006


ABC’s for Seniors: Successful Aging Wisdom from an Outrageous Gerontologist

by Ruth Jacobs - $19.95

ISBN # 978-1-933167-44-2

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