About Hatala Geroproducts

Hatala Geroproducts of Greentop, Missouri, was founded in 2002. An independent company, Hatala Geroproducts publishes books, games, magnetic signs, and greeting cards primarily for seniors. The focus is on relationships: with spouses, lovers, other seniors, grandchildren, and adult children.

All products are “age positive”, which means that they are respectful to seniors, and focus on the positive aspects of aging.

•  All books are “larger print” for easier reading.

•  Books are written by senior authors for senior readers.

• All products are developed with the help of academic gerontologists and seniors themselves.

•  Hatala Geroproducts is dedicated to remain an earth-friendly, sustainable, carbon-neutral company.


Mark Hatala, Ph.D.


Paula Anderson

Graphic Arts:

Twila Schofield
Dylan Smith
Chip Dunbar
Bryan DeGuzman


Ashley Parker
Molly Trout

James Harrington


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Mark after a day of editing

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