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Seniors in Love

Seniors in Love: A Second Chance for Single, Divorced
and Widowed Seniors

by Robert Wolley - $19.95

This well-reviewed book deals with the emotional, financial, physical, and other relevant issues facing seniors when considering a new, intimate relationship.

Seniors in Love

ABC’s for Seniors: Successful Aging Wisdom from an Outrageous Gerontologist

by Ruth Jacobs - $19.95

In this book, Dr. Jacobs presents the essentials that enable a reader to harvest life fully for creative, healthy, successful, vigorous, and meaningful aging.

Companion cover

The Greatest Companion: Reflections on Life, Love and Marriage After 60

by Robert Wolley - $19.95

Through prose and poetry, this book explores the joys of late-in- life love, provides reminders of what such a love needs to flourish, and reflects upon love’s agelessness.

Cookbook cover

The Healthy Seniors Cookbook: Ideal Meals and Menus for People Over Sixty (Or Any Age)

by Marilyn McFarlane - $19.95

Whether cooking for yourself, your spouse, or visiting grandchildren, this book features an easy-to-read, easy-to-use format that provides flavorful meals and simple, fast cooking methods.

Sidewalks cover

Sidewalks in the Jungle: What it’s REALLY Like to Retire
and Live in Costa Rica

by Alfred Stites - $35.95

This book deals with the reality of moving to, and living in this beautiful and stable Central American democracy. Topics covered span from managing maids and gardeners to trips to the doctor and avoiding violent street crime.

Mom No More cover

Mom No More: Coping With the Late-Life Loss of Adult
Children - One Woman’s Story

by Mignon Matthews - $29.95

The author lost both of her children after they were adults - her daughter Evie at 18 and her son Albert at 42. This is her story of coping with the depression, pain, anger, and injustice of outliving her beloved children.

SeniorSex cover

SeniorSex: Answers to Your Questions from a Geriatric Gynecologist

by Daniel Laury, M.D. - $19.95

This book provides the answers to sexual questions that patients are seeking from their doctors, and is ideal for single seniors and senior couples, as well as doctors and other medical personnel.

Old Guy cover

How to be an Old Guy: Dispatches from the Retiree Front

by Bill Kilpatrick, with a foreword by Sid Caesar - $19.95

With topics running the gamut from sex, food, love, and money, to meeting new people, keeping pets, and coping with stress, this book is a comprehensive guide to life for any guy sixty or older.

Aging Discontents cover

Aging and Its Discontents: Finding Meaning in Your Senior Years

by Robert Wolley, with a foreword by Pat Boone - $19.95

No book can reverse time, but this one deals with the thoughts and attitudes which accompany our aging, and how one can achieve a balanced, creative, positive participation in life throughout the senior years.

Late Beginnings cover

Late Beginnings in the Arts: How to Become an Actor, Musician, Artist, Crafter, or Writer After Sixty

by Judith Dettre - $19.95

The senior years can provide the time to revisit the creative and artistic interests of our youth. This book is a practical guide to becoming involved in the arts as an actor, musician, artist, crafter, or writer after the age of sixty.

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