Sidewalks in the Jungle: What It's REALLY Like to Live and Retire in Costa Rica by Alfred Stites

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This book deals with the reality of moving to, and living in this beautiful and stable Central American democracy. Topics covered span from managing maids and gardeners to trips to the doctor and avoiding violent street crime.

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“What a delightful read!  As a fellow resident (23 years, no less), I salute Al Stites for his fair and accurate portrayal of Ticolandia and what it takes to be happy here.  This book is for all who yearn for a change of pace in a land of manana or for those wanting a great armchair adventure, longing for some Pura Vida on the homefront.”
T.A. (Jack) O’Brien
Columnist, Tico Times

“Finally an HONEST book about traveling to and living in Costa Rica!  It is all a great, funny read that is so true it made me laugh out loud.  Also, the information in the Supplement Section is worth the price of the book.”
Theresia Barclay
Artist, Canadian Expatriate

“Alfred Stites gives a very pleasant and different version of the country in which he has chosen to live as an expatriate.  This is a light, refreshing, and often hilarious work that highlights the peculiarities and idiosyncrasies of the Costa Rican people, as seen through the eyes of a man who has traveled the world and is familiar with a variety of cultures. A remarkable amount of historical research has been done to write this portrait of my country.  Accurate information about politics, culture, geography, etc. are abundant, providing invaluable information not just to those who are thinking about retiring to Costa Rica, but also those who are interested in learning more about this country.  There is no doubt that Sidewalks in the Jungle is a book not only to be enjoyed by Norte Americanos, but also by locals.”
Alejandro Ulate V
Costa Rican recording artist


Publication date: September 15, 2008 (Costa Rica Independence Day!)


Sidewalks in the Jungle: What it’s REALLY Like to Retire
and Live in Costa Rica

by Alfred Stites - $35.95

ISBN # 978-1-933167-33-6

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