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What some of our celebrity friends are saying about our books!
Dick van Dyke

"It's high time someone exploded the old "Romeo and Juliette" myth that only the young can fall in love. This book tells the real truth." - Dick van Dyke on Seniors in Love

Pat Boone

"This is a book written for elders; perhaps it should be required reading for the young."

- Pat Boone on Aging and Its Discontents

Connie Stevens

"This is a great, fun, readable book that makes very literate observations about seniors."

- Connie Stevens on ABC's for Seniors

"What should be of concern to old guys is covered in this plain, straight, and sincere book."

- Sid Caesar on How to Be An Old Guy

Sid Caesar

"It is a well-written and very approachable book with good insights to offer to seniors."

- Andy Williams on Seniors in Love

Andy Williams

"This book should be 'required reading' for seniors!"

- Art Linkletter on ABC's for Seniors

Art Linkletter
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