Mom No More: Coping with the Late-Life Loss of Adult Children - One Woman's Story by Mignon Matthews

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The author lost both of her children after they were adults - her daughter Evie at 18 and her son Albert at 42. This is her story of coping with the depression, pain, anger, and injustice of outliving her beloved children.

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“This is a book about grief, survival, and learning to cope with sorrow.  Mignon’s book will help not only those who have experienced such trauma, but also family and friends of the bereaved, as well as counselors and other professionals who work with the grieving.”
Ruth Harriet Jacobs, PhD
Senior Scholar, Wellesley College

“Mom No More is a heartfelt expression of the deepest of losses, and can surely offer those who choose to read it hope, and avenues for coping and enduring the searing emotional pain of losing a child.”
SaraKay Smullens, LCSW, CFLE, CGP
author of Whoever Said Life Was Fair

Mom No More invites us to walk with Mignon from her pain and loss to her courageous choice to live. A personal journey: touching, healing, and helpful.”
Reverend Betsy Salunek
Unity Minister and Hospital Chaplain

There are perhaps not many of us who will face what Mignon faced. Yet, we can identify with her story because we are more like her than not. For many people, the latter stages of life become a time of mourning. We lose loved ones, good health, worldly goods, and relationships. Through these losses, we suffer, question, try to find meaning, and decide either to move on or give up. At one point Mignon wonders if this is a “good book or a bad book.” Because Mignon shows us that her journey is every person’s journey, and that we are all travelers trying to stay on course despite our sorrows, this is a good book, Mignon, a very good book.
Helen K. Black, PhD
Center for Applied Research on Aging and Health
Thomas Jefferson University


Publication date: November 17, 2008


Mom No More: Coping With the Late-Life Loss of Adult
Children - One Woman’s Story

by Mignon Matthews - $29.95

ISBN # 978-1-933167-32-9

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