Two Plus Twenty Five

My Evie girl, my golden child,
So very sweet, a little wild.
So full of life and plans and joy
A little bold, a little coy.

The child I always dreamed as mine,
The one I asked from God Divine.
The prayer was granted and she came
On New Year’s Eve, which suits her name.

A little brother followed soon
And we were all “over the moon.”
She loved her “Bro” and gave him toys;
Ignored him when he made loud noise.

She played guitar and wrote some songs,
She sang and danced and all along
She loved and laughed and tossed her curls.
She was her Mommy’s precious girl.

God took her home, it seemed too soon.
The light had gone out of the moon,
The sun was dark and life was grey,
Because my darling went away.

The date came round in all the years,
Twenty-seven without her, celebrated with tears.
So much to remember of those yesterdays,
So much to recall of her matchless ways.

I guess she is now strumming her guitar
In the Angels band that’s away so far
From us, but close to God and now
To Bro as well, her favorite pal.

I know my angels are in God’s place;
Together forever in Heaven’s space,
And one day, if I qualify
I’ll be with them, no more to cry.

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