How to Be an Old Guy: Dispatches From the Retiree Front by Bill Kilpatrick

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With topics running the gamut from sex, food, love, and money, to meeting new people, keeping pets, and coping with stress, this book is a comprehensive guide to life for any guy sixty or older.

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Excerpt from the foreword by Sid Caesar:

There’s no “cure” for finding yourself an old guy; nothing you can take to make it go away, but you can live with it, and live well at that. A big part of doing so is what goes on in your head; you’re in charge of what you think, of your attitude, of how you react to people and events. As the author makes clear, the key is to not punish yourself, to enjoy what you have, to laugh a lot, avoid depression, and pay attention to yourself and to your relationships with others.

All this and a lot more of what should be of concern to old guys is covered in this handbook of plain, straight, and sincere old-guy-to-old-guy talk, written with a healthy dose of no baloney common sense and humor. Stressed by the author, for example, is the need to keep busy, to have something to do each day. As for me, for my sake and for that of my family I’ve got a full-time job, and that’s taking care of myself. It pays pretty good, too.

Sid Caesar
Beverly Hills, California


Publication date: November 11, 2009 (Veteran's Day!)


How to be an Old Guy: Dispatches from the Retiree Front

by Bill Kilpatrick, with a foreword by Sid Caesar - $19.95

ISBN # 978-1-933167-34-3

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