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Seniors in Love

Seniors in Love: A Second Chance for Single, Divorced
and Widowed Seniors

by Robert Wolley - $19.95

Wolley biography

Excerpt - Loving

Excerpt - Potential pitfalls for seniors in love

Seniors in Love

ABC’s for Seniors: Successful Aging Wisdom from an Outrageous Gerontologist

by Ruth Jacobs - $19.95

Jacobs biography

Excerpt - Reverse Birthday Gifts

Excerpt - B is for BOLDER

Companion cover

The Greatest Companion: Reflections on Life, Love and Marriage After 60

by Robert Wolley - $19.95

Wolley biography

Excerpt - Love is Spiritual

Excerpt - I Believed in You

Cookbook cover

The Healthy Seniors Cookbook: Ideal Meals and Menus for People Over Sixty (Or Any Age)

by Marilyn McFarlane - $19.95

McFarlane biography

Excerpt - "Yoganoff" with Zucchini

Excerpt - Grandpa Hal's Waffles

McFarlane Q & A

Sidewalks cover

Sidewalks in the Jungle: What it’s REALLY Like to Retire
and Live in Costa Rica

by Alfred Stites - $35.95

Stites biography

Excerpt - Food Pura

Excerpt - Time

Stites Q & A

Mom No More cover

Mom No More: Coping With the Late-Life Loss of Adult
Children - One Woman’s Story

by Mignon Matthews - $29.95

Matthews biography

Excerpt - No Title for Us

Excerpt - Two Plus Twenty Five

Matthews Q & A

SeniorSex cover

SeniorSex: Answers to Your Questions from a Geriatric Gynecologist

by Daniel Laury, M.D. - $19.95

Laury biography

Excerpt - What are the advantages of getting older?

Excerpt - My husband has had a stroke. Will sex hurt him?

Laury Q & A

Old Guy cover

How to be an Old Guy: Dispatches from the Retiree Front

by Bill Kilpatrick, with a foreword by Sid Caesar - $19.95

Kilpatrick biography

Excerpt - S-E-X

Excerpt - Meeting new people

Kilpatrick Q & A

Aging Discontents cover

Aging and Its Discontents: Finding Meaning in Your Senior Years

by Robert Wolley, with a foreword by Pat Boone - $19.95

No book can reverse time, but this one deals with the thoughts and attitudes which accompany our aging, and how one can achieve a balanced, creative, positive participation in life throughout the senior years.

Late Beginnings cover

Late Beginnings in the Arts: How to Become an Actor, Musician, Artist, Crafter, or Writer After Sixty

by Judith Dettre - $19.95

The senior years can provide the time to revisit the creative and artistic interests of our youth. This book is a practical guide to becoming involved in the arts as an actor, musician, artist, crafter, or writer after the age of sixty.

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