SeniorSex: Answers to Your Questions from a Geriatric Gynecologist by Daniel Laury, M.D.

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This book provides the answers to sexual questions that patients are seeking from their doctors, and is ideal for single seniors and senior couples, as well as doctors and other medical personnel.

Excerpt - What are the advantages of getting older?

Excerpt - My husband has had a stroke. Will sex hurt him?

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SeniorSex is an accessible, easy-to-read, important resource that comes out of the varied conversations a doctor has had with his patients on a range of sexuality-related subjects. Clearly the doctor has a wealth of experience responding to a wide range of sex questions from a variety of patients.”
Meika Loe, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology and Women’s
Studies, Colgate University, author of The Rise of Viagra: How the
Little Blue Pill Changed Sex in America

“Engaging, informative, and humorous at times.  This is a must read, not just for seniors, but for all who are seeking help and knowledge regarding their sexuality. SeniorSex is also packed with great tips for general health and well being. In short, this book is ‘good stuff!’”
Daniel A. Tomlinson, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., author of Birth Pangs: How Pregnancy Reveals God’s Plan for the Ages

SeniorSex really does answer the questions older people have about sex, physical complications, relationship complications, techniques and medications. It is straight-forward, well written, honestly presented and very informative. Dr. Laury offers a pragmatic approaches, including appropriate caution about some remedies for sexual dysfunction that may not be fully tested or understood. The book covers so many topics of interest and importance that I can't imagine an older person who can afford not to read it. I am really impressed with how much anyone- including myself- can learn from reading this straightforward and supportive approach from a clinician who obviously has great respect and care for his patients.”
Pepper Schwartz, PhD, Professor of Sociology, University of
Washington, author of  Prime: Adventures and Advice About Sex and
Love and The Sensual Years


Publication date: February 14, 2009 (Valentine's Day!)


SeniorSex: Answers to Your Questions from a Geriatric Gynecologist

by Daniel Laury, M.D. - $19.95

ISBN # 978-1-933167-45-9

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