Q and A for SeniorSex with
Daniel Laury, M.D.

1. What was your motivation to write the book?
      I feel that there is a strong need for a book like this. Seniors in general have been ignored in terms of their sexuality. While there is plenty of misinformation available through the internet, friends, etc., there is a significant need for accurate, empathetic answers. In addition, many patients tell me that other doctors "don’t listen" to them or just don’t even bring up sexual issues at all. I deal with these issues daily and therefore wanted to expand the number of people who could benefit from my expertise on this sensitive subject.

2. What do you enjoy most about being a doctor?
      Without a doubt, interacting with my patients is the most rewarding component of being a doctor. I enjoy the personal discussions and being involved in their lives. There is a level of trust and honesty that is unique to medicine. From a professional perspective, there is the mental stimulation that comes from having to learn new things daily. This is a very exciting time in history. We are at the cutting edge of medical diagnosis with advanced imaging and genetic decoding. New treatments will include gene therapy, stem cell research and robotic surgery.

3. What do you enjoy least about being a doctor?
      I would say that the hassle factor of medicine detracts from the enjoyment of being a doctor. I became a physician with the intent to take care of people, not doing all the precertification, insurance verification, appeal processes, payment and paperwork issues. We are, as a field, probably the most highly regulated, with extensive rules and regulations that, though well meaning, can restrict patient and doctor autonomy and the relationship. There is also a medicolegal component which is pervasive and pernicious. All this takes away from patient care. Though sad, it is no surprise that 50% of physicians counsel their children NOT to become doctors.

4. Which do you think is the most important chapter in the book?
      My choice is Chapter 2 "What is Normal." This chapter deals with essential education in which I answer questions dealing with activities and thoughts that are considered normal as well as variants of normal. This whole book is about presenting information that should help people learn about themselves and others. A baseline understanding of standard human ranges of experiences is key. Only after completing this important prerequisite can we branch off into specific problems or abnormalities. It is a stepping stone for the rest of the book.

5. What are you working on now?
Book Two of course! We are setting up a senior-friendly blog site on our website www.seniorsexmd.com. I am giving talks to groups such as retirement communities. In addition, I will continue my TV educational broadcasts and arranging for book signings. There is a significant need for candid, accurate discussions on the subject of seniors and their sexuality. By reaching out to the community, I will be able to improve many people’s lives. This is an excellent opportunity for me to bring information to those looking for answers.

SeniorSex:  Answers to Your Questions From a Geriatric Gynecologist by Daniel Laury, M.D.
Publication Date:  February 14, 2009 (Valentine's Day!)
$19.95 ($25.95 in Canada)
ISBN 978-1-933167-45-9

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