Seniors in Love: A Second Chance for Single, Divorced and Widowed Seniors by Robert Wolley
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Is love only for the young? Seniors in Love explores, in simple, straightforward, and understandable terms the aspirations, successes, and failures of seniors in romantic relationships. Topics covered include: What is love? Should one fall in love again - at an advanced age? What will the children say? What rewards are possible? What happens when love fails? How does one express, and receive, love as a senior?

Excerpt - Loving

Excerpt - Potential pitfalls for seniors in love

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"It's high time someone exploded the old 'Romeo and Juliet' myth that only the young can fall in love. This book tells the real truth."- Dick Van Dyke, Emmy and Tony-award winning television, film, and theater legend

"A wonderful, timely, and understanding book." - Art Linkletter, Emmy-award winning television legend and author of Old Age is Not For Sissies

"It is a well-written and very approachable book with good insights to offer to seniors." - Andy Williams, Emmy-award winning television and singing legend and owner of the Andy Williams Moon River Theater in Branson, Missouri

"Many seniors, longing for love, perhaps hesitant or afraid, can gain courage and inspiration from this beautifully written book." - Edith Ankersmit and Jerrold Kemp, authors of Older Couples; New Romances - Finding and Keeping Love in Later Life


Publication date: May 2005


Seniors in Love: A Second Chance for Single, Divorced
and Widowed Seniors

by Robert Wolley - $19.95

ISBN # 978-1-933167-42-8

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