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To keep this within reason I have to leave out a lot of happenings and the famous people that have influenced my life. If you are interested in my personal story you should pick up a copy of my book 71 Jobs, and NO SECURITY!, What a Great Life (when it is published). It sets out the fun I’ve had growing up in Plainfield, NJ, Onancock, VA, New England, Ohio, the Air Corps, Pennsylvania, Italy, my travels, and the living all over the U.S. I have visited 22 countries and lived and worked in 3 and had experiences with 40 or so famous notables and celebrities. I’ve been married three times and have 4 splendid children and 5 grandchildren, and some great-grand nieces.

My story begins in 1928 when I was six—my childhood in New Jersey, the Roaring Twenties, the Crash of ’29, and the Great Depression! Dad was out of work for 2 years and we ate stuff like turnip greens and corn meal mush and I hustled work wherever I could. I started working when I was seven and had kid jobs over the next several years. Then my parents split and Mother and her three boys moved to a farm outside Onancock, Virginia. I was a Yankee teenager in the South in the ‘30’s! After graduating high school at the tender age of 15 I had a year of prep school at Mt. Hermon,, MA and then to college at Denison U. in Granville, Ohio. The war came along and I signed up for the Air Corps (what it was called then), I got married, and got my wings. I became a test pilot flying rebuilt aircraft and only caught on fire once and had a major crash and a minor one. Then they made me a “weather pilot”—instrument flying in thunderstorms and once in a hurricane. I became a “Green Card Pilot” so I could take off in any weather, any time. It was a trip!

Discharged in 1945 with a 90% disability –the veteran docs said I would not live to see 40—I decided to cure myself after the medics gave up on me. I refused my disability pension because I couldn’t get a job (who would hire a 90% disabled guy). I found out the Everlasting Truth: Our Health is Determined by the Food We Eat! I developed a significant distain for doctors. At this writing I am 86 with a health age of 65. I rarely got sick, kept away from inoculations, and have not taken prescription medicine for over 30 years excepting the occasional antibiotic for an infection. I take vitamins and minerals and herbal tinctures. My younger third wife tinctures herbs for the doctors here and is getting her PhD in Holistic Medicine so I had damn well better keep fit!

As to my writing, my earlier books were Salesmen are Made Not Born, 1969, and Fundraising Made Easy, 1978; many commercial brochures, small books on Water Filtration, texts for community arts programs, a few dramatic radio scripts for the Red Cross that were aired nationally, some commercials for radio, and the rest of my writings that are listed here, some started twenty years ago. All in all, it’s been an absolutely wonderful life, as the movie says. Now, here in Costa Rica, as the song puts it, the years dwindle down to a precious few. My life is simply … Pura Vida!

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